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Join-in - Glasgow User Manual

Joining in

There are many ways of getting involved or joining in

The User Manual project needs a good deal of participation and works on the basis of lots of people doing a bit, or what they can manage, rather than the same people doing everything. This way folk are more in control of the time they put in.

>Be your own Community Journalist

Have you ever thought about reporting on stuff in your neighbourhood. Finding out whats going on and reporting on what people are thinking. Covering events, campains, housing, Doing articles, interviews and so on. Can be fun and very rewarding. Start off with your friends. Check out your interviewing skills. You could be good at it. Here is some tips on getting started

Would you like to be a feed for the User Manua,in your area keeping us updated. Can you take pictures

>Start your own newsletter

Newsletters are good for all manner of things and can be knocked together on the library computer. Here is some tips for getting started.

The best way to get started on any of these things is to just start writing. Something will come up.

If you need any help on this stuff, email or phone. We'll help you get started.

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