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Diary - Glasgow User Manual

Day Diary

1 October

I did say the Diary would be an occasional thing when time permitted, Well if I didn't I am now. Been out and about finding out ways to collect information. Sometimes the obvious is the last thing you think about. I was talking to one such over worked community runner about the User Manual. "I will try to look at it I can't promise - to much on." He was saying. When I changed tack slightly. I am not trying to create more work for you I am interested in using the work you have already done. I could see his eyes brighten a bit. "You mean help".

We all need to manage the time we have available. But so much of it is badly organised it is no wonder we don't have any time left to even talk to each other. Anyway I have put this page together to try and explain the need for joined up organising, without repeating it all here. Apart from to say, It doesn't matter how hard we are working to improve our communities, if we are not talking and communicating with each other we will never know the full extent our endeavours could achieve.

And please, I am not doing this work to entertain people, or for some self satisfying idea of listening to myself. If you are interested and want to contribute, please tell me, or send me stuff, don't wait till I come and see you. It's that time thing again. I want to spend my time working with people in the community, and trying to bring new blood to the public forum - and trying to find out what our young people are thinking about. Rather than cover the same ground that other resource's are covering. If we want to win something we will need to constantly assess what use we are to our communities by listening to them. Then our endeavours may be more useful, rather than constantly foisted onto people the ideas what others think they should need. Could even save a bit of time in the process - for aimlessly gazing out the window

What's in it for you - Organisations and groups

14 September

I visited Galgael boat builders and crafts people today to look through a big box of photographs that represent the history of the trust from their beginnings at the M77 motorway protest to the present day - Photographs recording - the creation of the Free Polock Estate - to setting up a boat yard, the various visits from people from all over the world who came to see Galgael, and went away inspired by the work they have done. Empowering community through both teaching wood working and iron working skills laced with a sense of self confidence, self worth and sense of place.

Like everyone else the folk in Galgael are running about busy with not enough time in the day to get things done. The work that can suffer most understandably in a people orientated project is recording and archiving its progress and history, and also recording the thoughts of the people and trainees involved. Recently Galgael are starting to make inroads into creating an archive.

The value and power of history can not be underestimated. It is important that it is recorded as close to hand to those who create it, otherwise it will be adapted to suit the needs of those who would like to control it. If what we do makes a difference it is important that we record it for our kids and there future. This is part of the reason Glasgow User Manual, was set up. You can see what Galgael do, at the doors open Day on Saturday. See below for program

13 September

Visited Common Wheel bike restorers in Maryhill today An interesting set of buildings, Chapel Street Units, up Maryhill road behind McDonalds. Housing organisations such as:

Ruchill Furniture Project, Unit 3
Revive Scotland MS therapy centre Unit 16
Glasgow Access Panel (GAP) Unit 17
Disability Information for Greater Glasgow (DIGG) unit 18-19
CBIT - The Children's Brain Injury Trust Unit 19
Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland Unit 20
Common Wheel Bicycle Recycling Unit 69 - 77 PDF
Boomerang Wood Recycling Unit 69 - 77

The Doors are Open
There is an open day for all these places this Friday 15 (More info 0141 945 5036) also Common Wheel will be open for Doors Open Day. Another exciting place to visit on Doors open Day is Galgael Boat Builders in Govan, the Pearce Institute, Govan Old, to mention only a few. In fact its a good day out getting round all of these places with the weans learning them about their city. Here is a pdf of the Program Take your camera or send me an email, on how you get on, or anything else you might observe or discover. B

12 September

Interesting a lot of community projects I have been looking up on the net, state how many computers the have available. What do folk do once they have learned to find there way about the technology. OK there's employment with your new found skills. What about the folk who cant find employment for whatever reason. What about useful un-employment. The internet and such like is a double edged sword. It can take you into the timeless of wasting your day - or it can be a useful tool of empowering and creativity.

Here is what I would advise the job seeker regarding computers. The biggest problem with computers is knowing when to stop. When to get away from the machine. So you get your driving licence (pc). What do you do with your new skill. (if you can't get a job) or you find yourself with time on your hands. This is the edge of the sword point. You can surf the net into oblivion, play solitaire or download games to distract yourself from the real world. Or. You could use your new skills to research what is happening around you, your neighborhood, your local history. You could tell people about yourself and what you think. What you hope to achieve in life. What are the issues that concern you. Write a story, connect with other like minded people, join a group, see who else is doing what.

You may say. How is this going to find me a job. Well put it this way if you sit around playing games all day, the only thing you will learn is how to play games better. It's like watching TV, you won't learn much. You may find an interesting program here and there but you will probably watch so much rubbish in between it will be a bad use of your time to be beneficial.

Another thing is. What is going to impress a possible employer when she or he asks you your hobbies, or what you do in your spare time. "I'm really good at Cyber game III and watching telly" Or. "I collect information for a local group I am involve with, or I have started". You will have a better chance of getting a job if you show you have imitative and can motivate yourself. Who knows, if you learn the nack of getting yourself going, you may even create your own employment and have no need for a boss.

If you are interested in setting up a community history group, or any type of group - or know of any - or you need some advice on starting - let me know. Bob

11 September

Not much happening today. Deleted Govan - the text that is, lucky I had a back up. I was up town today working carpentry) Looking over the city from the top flat of a building, you get a good view of the most recent developments blocking out the Victorian skyline. I can see where the planners are taking us -Glasgow the new Manchester- Ask no questions - Head in the sand architecture...

GUM Diary 10 September

Visited some places in Easterhouse today. "FARE" Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse. then "Pavillion Youth Project". I also went to "Cranhill Arts Project" in Cranhill of course, the people that brought you "Glaswegians" and "Impact Arts" in Denniston. I went unanounced to these places so I wasnt expecting to much in the way of talking about anything much.

Interesting thing is, if you have an appointment to see somebody it kind of sometimes gets in the way of meeting people on the hop. I was talking to some people outside the FARE place who kept telling me the guys that run the place were busy at meetings. I eventually got chatting to, I think it was Brian, the volunteer driver, who directed me to some other community projects about the places. A useful person to know.

He led me to the Pavilion Youth Centre, where I spoke to Clair Porter, about how the centre came about. Funnily enough - through pressure from the youth of the area. (details later)

Interesting first day of research for the User Manual. Leassons learned. Speak to the people in the community first and the boss last.

If you are interested in being a scout for the User Manual, in your own area, or you would like to scoot about, or just write a diary, let me know. There are lots of interesting people out there. B.

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